Cancellation Policy

  1. You may revoke your contract within two weeks without giving any reasons. You can either cancel in writing (i.e. letter, fax, e-mail), or – if the item is placed at your disposal prior to the expiry of this period – by sending back the good. The grace period for revocation begins earliest upon receipt of the goods and this notification by the recipient (in case of recurring deliveries of the same type of goods not before receiving the first partial delivery) and not before we have met our information duties and other duties as defined by Civil Code (article 246 § 2 in conjucntion with § 1 para. 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as § 312e para. 1 sent. 1 BGB in conjunction with article 246 § 3 EGBGB.). To keep the period it is enough to forward the goods or the demand of withdrawal in time.
  2. Revocation and return have to be addressed to: Thaler Originalgrafik, Katharina Thaler, Spinnereistraße 7 / Haus 18, D-04179 Leipzig E-Mail:
  3. Effets of the revocation In the case of valid revocation the both parties must return any commodities and any advantages resulting from said commodities (e.g. interest). Should the customer not be able to return the goods or only return them partially or in a deteriorated condition then the customer will be obligated to value replacement.In the case of the item being delivered, this only has validity in as far as the deterioration of the item exclusively results from its inspection such as would be the case in a store, for example. For the rest, you may avoid any duty to provide compensation for any deterioration of the goods caused by the intended use, by not using the goods as your own property and refraining from all actions that may affect its value. Goods capable of being sent by parcel post should be returned to us at our risk. You have to bear the costs of the return if the deliverd goods conform with the ordered one’s and if the price of the returning goods do not exceed an amount of 40,00 Euros. You also have to pay for the return although the price exceeds 40,00 Euros, when you have not reciprocated or performed a partial payment as contracted at the time of the revocation. Otherwise, the return shipment shall be free of charge for you. In case of goods that can not be send as a packet an individual arrangement between the purchaser and Thaler Originalgrafik is to be made. Goods that cannot be sent as parcels will be picked up by us. Obligations to refund payments must be met within 30 days. For you, the period begins upon dispatch of your statement of revocation or of the goods, for us, upon reception thereof.